Diver Dena's Adventure Shop - ThinkTank Airport Takeoff Backpack
ThinkTank Airport Takeoff Backpack

Being that Diver Dena travels all over the world to capture the stunning images you have grown to love, she must take her camera and gear with her whenever she dives. Having the best cameras and gear, Diver Dena needs assurance that her equipment is safe and secure on her journeys. You could say that Diver Dena has EXPERT experience!
Diver Dena uses the ThinkTank Airport TakeOff Rolling Backpack. She likes that it converts to a backpack if needed. It’s very well made. And she really likes the laptop case that slips into the top/front pocket. If she has had trouble fitting the case into the overhead bin, she easily removes the laptop to streamline the profile.
The Think Tank Photo backpacks are designed for today’s gear with the working photographer in mind.