When it comes to fashion and diving, Diver Dena rocks them both with panache.

SlipIns has designed artful, stylish Dive Skins in many amazing prints and styles for everyone who spends their time outdoors, in the water and out of the water, too! 
Diver Dena loves the super cool designs. The weight is just right and the fabric is not too thick to wear under your wetsuit-and it’s not so thin that it doesn’t last. The thumb holes in the sleeves and stirrups are an added bonus because they stay put! Diver Dena has had previous experience with a few others that ride up underneath. These SLIPINS stay put!

SlipIns Dive Skins put the FUN in FUNCTIONALITY!
See more gorgeous styles here



Diver Dena in SlipIns with friend in Exumas



Diver Dena and friend in Exumas



Diver Dena Rockin' her SlipIns Dive Skins



Diver Dena Rockin’ her SlipIns Dive Skins



Reasons to Wear SlipIns                                                                                    



  • So much easier to get in/out of a wetsuit, even when wet
  • Great skin protection from abrasions, stinging critters, and the sun
  • 60+ UPF Sun Protection
  • Excellent identification underwater-Dive Buddy/Dive Master
  • Dries quickly, breathable fabric, comfortable foot stirrups & thumbholes
  • More hygienic when wearing dive center wetsuits!! (know what I mean)
  • MADE IN THE USA-Southern California to be exact!
  • Increase the FUN Factor with our amazing proprietary prints






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